Middle aged American man, living in Southeast Asia. I've been on a journey of enlightenment since 2004, during my first deployment to Afghanistan. After witnessing all that I did during that year long nightmare, I began to take a good hard look at my reality, and thus, I began to think very deeply, and started the long and dubious task of searching for the truth in all things that made up my reality. The result; until your third eye is open, you're completely asleep, and are literally a walking zombie. That's how ignorant I was about our world, and so are most of you reading this. I challenge every one of you to put off all preconceived ideas that you have about our world, do some deep research with a completely open mind for 1 week, and if you really are open, then there's no way that you won't see what I see. More to come..........

Also known as: AdamSpeaks