All your social media profiles viewable with only one click. The easiest way for your followers to see what's going on in all your social profiles!

No installation needed! Shortcutz isn't an app, but an easy-to-use website.

Your fans get access to all your social channels with a single link from which to follow you!


Shortcutz provides you with a single link to access all your social media channels.
For instance, you can use it within your Instagram profile to grant your fans easy access to all your other channels, as well.

You also have the option to set up custom links to—for example—display a specific product to your followers:


You'd like to feature your brand new video without going through the hassle of updating all your social media accounts?
No problemo:

Simply embed your latest YouTube or Vimeo vid directly to your Shortcutz overview page. Keeping all your followers up to date has never been easier!

Check out our example link:


It's that easy to create additional value!

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Add the links to all your social channels, blog and website and sign up with this information.

Edit and add links any time

Your details and links can be changed at any time. Make your cooperations so much easier to handle!

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Make your fans happy! They can now easily find all your profiles and follow you there!

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